Icon Item Name Price Buy
Shadow Silk Spindle 20 Coins
Sundial of Eternal Dusk 20 Coins
Shadow Silk Spindle 19 Coins
Sundial of Eternal Dusk 19 Coins
Wrathful Gladiator's Endgame 19 Coins
Wrathful Gladiator's Compendium 19 Coins
Wrathful Gladiator's Grimoire 19 Coins
Wrathful Gladiator's Reprieve 19 Coins
Scourgelord's Baton 19 Coins
Talisman of Heedless Sins 18 Coins
Symbol of Transgression 18 Coins
Chalice of Searing Light 18 Coins
Mystifying Charm 18 Coins
Symbol of Transgression 17 Coins
Talisman of Heedless Sins 17 Coins
Chalice of Searing Light 17 Coins
Mystifying Charm 17 Coins
Relentless Gladiator's Endgame 17 Coins
Relentless Gladiator's Grimoire 17 Coins
Relentless Gladiator's Compendium 17 Coins
Relentless Gladiator's Reprieve 17 Coins
Lightbane Focus 17 Coins
Chalice of Benedictus 17 Coins
Antediluvian Cornerstone Grimoire 17 Coins
Scourgelord's Baton 17 Coins
Cosmos 16 Coins
Furious Gladiator's Endgame 10 Coins
Furious Gladiator's Reprieve 10 Coins
Furious Gladiator's Grimoire 10 Coins
Chalice of Benedictus 10 Coins
Lightbane Focus 10 Coins
Antique Cornerstone Grimoire 10 Coins
Shriveled Heart 10 Coins
Matriarch's Spawn 9 Coins
Accursed Spine 9 Coins
Surplus Limb 9 Coins
Urn of Lost Memories 9 Coins
Deadly Gladiator's Endgame 9 Coins
Deadly Gladiator's Reprieve 9 Coins
Deadly Gladiator's Grimoire 9 Coins
Leviathan Fueling Manual 9 Coins
Ironmender 9 Coins
Igniter Rod 9 Coins
Telestra's Journal 8 Coins
Temple Crystal Fragment 8 Coins
Watchful Eye 8 Coins
Scepter of Murmuring Spirits 8 Coins
Ward of the Violet Citadel 8 Coins
Handbook of Obscure Remedies 8 Coins
Savage Gladiator's Endgame 7 Coins
Hateful Gladiator's Endgame 7 Coins
Savage Gladiator's Reprieve 7 Coins
Hateful Gladiator's Reprieve 7 Coins
Savage Gladiator's Grimoire 7 Coins
Hateful Gladiator's Grimoire 7 Coins
Fathomstone 7 Coins
Talisman of the Sun King 7 Coins
Fetish of the Primal Gods 7 Coins
Chronicle of Dark Secrets 7 Coins
Touch of Inspiration 7 Coins
Blind-Seers Icon 7 Coins
Merciless Gladiator's Reprieve 7 Coins
Merciless Gladiator's Endgame 7 Coins
Voodoo Shaker 7 Coins
Vengeful Gladiator's Endgame 7 Coins
Vengeful Gladiator's Reprieve 7 Coins
Vengeful Gladiator's Grimoire 7 Coins
Seal of Valgarde 7 Coins
Tome of Salramm 7 Coins
Gladiator's Endgame 6 Coins
Signet of Unshakable Faith 6 Coins
Talisman of Nightbane 6 Coins
Aran's Soothing Sapphire 6 Coins
Jewel of Infinite Possibilities 6 Coins
Karaborian Talisman 6 Coins
Gladiator's Reprieve 6 Coins
Heart of the Pit 6 Coins
Book of Highborne Hymns 6 Coins
Brutal Gladiator's Endgame 6 Coins
Brutal Gladiator's Grimoire 6 Coins
Brutal Gladiator's Reprieve 6 Coins
Tome of the Lore Keepers 6 Coins
Talisman of Scourge Command 6 Coins
Darkspear Orb 6 Coins
Orb of the Eastern Kingdoms 6 Coins
Sapphiron's Wing Bone 5 Coins
Flametongue Seal 5 Coins
Talisman of Kalecgos 5 Coins
Orb of the Soul-Eater 5 Coins
Khadgar's Knapsack 5 Coins
Tears of Heaven 5 Coins
Consortium Crystal 5 Coins
Faol's Signet of Cleansing 5 Coins
Hortus' Seal of Brilliance 5 Coins
Swamplight Lantern 5 Coins
Star-Heart Lamp 5 Coins
Lordaeron Medical Guide 5 Coins
Manual of the Nethermancer 5 Coins
Lamp of Peaceful Repose 5 Coins
Lamp of Peaceful Radiance 5 Coins
High Warlord's Battletome 5 Coins
Grand Marshal's Battletome 5 Coins
Windcaller's Orb 5 Coins
Manaforged Sphere 5 Coins
Karrog's Shard 5 Coins
Crystal Orb of Enlightenment 5 Coins
Scepter of Purification 5 Coins
Laughing Skull Orb 4 Coins
Sapphiron's Left Eye 4 Coins
Sapphiron's Right Eye 4 Coins
Mistyreed Torch 4 Coins
Slavehandler Rod 4 Coins
Bleeding Eye 4 Coins
Supplicant's Rod 4 Coins
Frostbridge Orb 4 Coins
Prison Manifest 4 Coins
Ancient Cornerstone Grimoire 3 Coins
Fire Runed Grimoire 3 Coins
Master Dragonslayer's Orb 3 Coins
Trance Stone 3 Coins
Royal Scepter of Vek'lor 3 Coins
Gem of Nerubis 3 Coins
Digested Hand of Power 3 Coins
Noth's Frigid Heart 3 Coins
Grand Marshal's Tome of Restoration 3 Coins
High Warlord's Tome of Destruction 3 Coins
High Warlord's Tome of Mending 3 Coins
Sartura's Might 3 Coins
Grand Marshal's Tome of Power 3 Coins
Dreamseeker Dandelion 3 Coins
High Warlord's Tome of Destruction 3 Coins
Hellfire Tome 3 Coins
Book of Clever Tricks 3 Coins
Twilight Tome 3 Coins
Rituals of the New Moon 3 Coins
Rituals of the New Moon 3 Coins
Rituals of the New Moon 3 Coins
Rituals of the New Moon 3 Coins
Rituals of the New Moon 3 Coins
Globe of D'sak 3 Coins
Imperial Red Scepter 3 Coins
Arcane Star 3 Coins
Mystical Orb 3 Coins
Councillor's Scepter 3 Coins
Elegant Scepter 3 Coins
High Councillor's Scepter 3 Coins
Master's Rod 3 Coins
Highborne Star 3 Coins
Elunarian Sphere 3 Coins
Opulent Scepter 3 Coins
Arachnidian Branch 3 Coins
Bonecaster's Star 3 Coins
Astral Orb 2 Coins
Resplendent Orb 2 Coins
Eternal Rod 2 Coins
Elemental Ember 2 Coins
Tome of Arcane Domination 2 Coins
Tome of Shadow Force 2 Coins
Tome of the Ice Lord 2 Coins
Tome of Fiery Arcana 2 Coins
Lei of the Lifegiver 2 Coins
Therazane's Touch 2 Coins
Jin'do's Bag of Whammies 2 Coins
Arlokk's Hoodoo Stick 2 Coins
Glowing Black Orb 2 Coins
Talon of Furious Concentration 2 Coins
Tome of the Lost 2 Coins
Tome of Divine Right 2 Coins
Scepter of Interminable Focus 2 Coins
Blackwood's Thigh 2 Coins
Branch of Sinful Reprieve 2 Coins
Lapidis Tankard of Tidesippe 2 Coins
Abjurer's Crystal 2 Coins
Drakestone 2 Coins
Enthralled Sphere 2 Coins
Thaurissan's Royal Scepter 2 Coins
Magmus Stone 2 Coins
Basilisk Bone 2 Coins
Tome of Knowledge 2 Coins
Skull of Burning Shadows 2 Coins
Duskwoven Branch 2 Coins
Hibernal Sphere 2 Coins
Venomshroud Orb 2 Coins
Bloodwoven Rod 2 Coins
Gaea's Scepter 2 Coins
Cloud Stone 2 Coins
Brightly Glowing Stone 2 Coins
Spellbound Tome 2 Coins
Stormbound Tome 2 Coins
Manual of Clouds 2 Coins
Lord Sakrasis' Scepter 2 Coins
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