• How do I start?
      • 1. Register on our website, if you haven't yet by pressing Here!
      • 2. If you have a working client already, you can skip this step. However, if you're trying to play World of Warcraft for the first time - you can download .Torrent file from us!
      • 3. Open your World of Warcraft folder, go to Data/enUS(or depending on language), and open realmlist.WTF file with your preferred text editor
      • 4. Delete everything from that file, and type set realmlist
      • 5. Close the file, and try logging into the game!
    • Do I need to pay money to play on your server?

      Absolutely not!

      Unlike some WotLK private servers, we are strongly against Pay-to-Play or Pay-to-Skip-Queue policy, and we make our game available to play for free!

      Paying for our services is optional, you can buy Store items, mounts, companions and more, and also donation packages are optional too!

      World of Warcraft should be all about fun, and unlike our comptetitors, we provide this fun for free!

    • What are the rates of your realms?

      General rates:

      • Quest Experience : x8
      • Kill Experience : x8
      • Explore Experience : x8
      • Quest Money Reward : x5
      • Rest rate : x5

      Item drop rate by quality:

      • Poor : x5
      • Normal : x5
      • Uncommon : x7
      • Rare : x5
      • Epic : x4
      • Legendary : x1
    • What is the Double XP Event?

      The title name itself is quite explanatory!

      The event will start at any random weekend, from Friday 00:00:00ST Till Monday 00:00:00ST! Double XP Weekend is applied for Kill and Quest experience, which makes it x16! Awesome!

    • Do you do gold squishes?

      Absolutely not!

      Unlike some private servers, we do NOT cut gold in half every year to "save economy". That is a myth, done by the server owner's to increase their gold sales, forcing people to buy more gold.

      We care about our community, and we will certainly do no such thing.

    • I've just reached Level 80, where should I get starter gear or other items, like gems or enchants?

      You can buy them at the regular merchants for emblems.

      Another option is to buy them with gold! Visit Dalaran's fountain (Click on the map, and it's right in the middle!), and reach out our custom vendors with stable and affordable prices!

    • What is your progress when it comes to Quests/Instances/Battlegrounds/Raids?

      Our development team worked hard, for years, in the shadows, just to bring the best possible experience to every single player!

      Starting from NPC facial emotes, and ending with Lich King - Every detail is crucial for us, no matter what size!

      Our goal is to be the leading community, and you'll get to be the part of history, just by playing here!

    • I found a bug, and I want to report it. What should I do?

      You can use in-game bug reporter!

      Or you could log-in into website, press here, make a new ticket, and wait till it will be fixed!

      Customer response and feedback is crucial to us, the more people report bugs, the better server we can make all together!

    • When do daily quests reset?

      3 AM Server Time!

    • Can I play without a patch?

      You can play without patch, but you will see visual bugs

      To to ensure best experience in our server, we strongly recommend that you download the patch, as it adds more stuff into game!

    • My creatures models are broken, is your patches making this?

      Absolutely not!

      This usually means you are using Warmane's WoD client repack, which deliberately mess up models. Not to worry, there are couple of options available!

      You can either delete warmane's patches, and only leave ours, or download a client which is 100% clean and stock. Then try to patch it!

    • Does the patch makes anything different in login screen?


      Our team figured to change some color schemes, names, letter spacings inside login screen, and more!

      The breaking news section is now showing news, not blizzard ones, so every time you'll open the game - you'll immediatelly see the latest news that we provide!

    • What character content can I transfer to your realm?

      Pretty much everything! Sweet, isn't it?

      Below is the list of content that will be transferred to you once migration process is complete to your character:

      • All Items (Backpack content only! This does not include personal bank and/or guild bank, so it's a good idea to clean up your inventory abit, and transfer just what you really need, and/or is valuable!)
      • Honor Points
      • Arena Points
      • All Achievements, except Realm's First
      • Spells
      • Professions
      • Secondary Skills
      • Reputation (Sons of Hodir included!)
      • Companions
      • Total Kills
      • Mounts (Automatically converted to Dynamic Mounts!)
      • Primary Skills
      • All learnt Languages
      • All currency available in the game!

        And most importantly...

      • Your Gold! Not only that - but we will also DOUBLE the gold amount you're transferring! It's time to gain back, what you've lost!
    • What else do I get by migrating?

      In addition of character data, we'll convert all your mounts to Dynamic Mounts, and we'll also give you an Flight Master's License, which costs 5000 Gold - for free!

    • Where to download an addon, to start migration?

      You can download migration addon right here!

    • Where should I place the downloaded addon?

      You should extract the contents of file right into WoWDirectory\Interface\AddOns !

      Make sure folder Nagrand and it's contents are right here!
    • Which Realms are allowed?

      Realms that have Level 80 cap (Maximum available level must be 80),

      Realms with multiplier enabled, but no higher than x10,

      Realms that don't provide custom vendors that sell items, spells, etc..

    • Which Realms are not allowed?

      255 Fun Servers, or any other server that directly tampers with account data settings (such as nonsensical level, masks, etc..)

      Servers with vendors available that are packed with gear that is not easy to obtain, or vendors that you can purchase items from (For example : ICC Gear)

      Modified realms ( Such as PvP only, or other custom gamemodes )

    • Is my data safe?


      To ensure complete integrity of character's data from source realm you're migrating from, we don't ask for credentials, and we never will.

      If someone from our staff has asked you to provide some kind of sensitive data to 'validate' - Please report such incident to management through Contact Us form, Discord, or make an ingame ticket.

      However, our network is NOT responsible, if your account on source server get's banned due to violating their policies. Please reffer to source's policies and terms of agreement to ensure you're not breaking any of their rules.

      Once our team validates the legitimacy of applied character, all application data is erased from our system, including dump file you've made in order to complete the migration process, and to ensure everyone's security. Your account, characters, and it's data from the source server will NOT be tampered with, as we wouldn't have any access to them in any shape or form!

    • Is migration an easy process?


      The migration process couldn't be easier, just with few steps your favorite character can be transferred from your old server, to our network!

      Migration process is fast, secure, and automatic!

      However, an background check must be made to every single applicant, to ensure fair migration process, and to verify, that migration is legitimate, your account/character on the source server must be accessible at the time of migration.

      Once done, you will receive a message in your Inbox, and also E-Mail, notifying you about application's status, whether it's completed, declined, or more data needs to be provided.

    • Do I need to prepare my character?

      The only thing you need to do is tidy up and pack your belongings!

      Once inside, to keep our database clean, and to ensure that migration was a 100% success,

      remove all unnecessary items, and leave only the items you would like to bring into our network. Keep in mind, that only backpack content can be migrated, so it's also good idea to tidy up a bit your backpack/guild bank/bank.

      Once you feel that you're ready to go, all you need to do, is type '/migrate' into the chat, and once it's complete - Close the game fully. Couldn't be easier!

      Type /migrate into chat, and close the game!

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