24/10/18 Changelog


Back again with lots of patches and features!


  • Fixed selectable flag for Risen Drakkari Bat Riders in Drak'Tharon Keep.
  • Initiate Mehrtens only sells item Prototype Neural Needler if quest The Art of Persuasion is rewarded.
  • Added missing spell to creature Tunneling Ghoul in Utgarde Keep.
  • Added missing spells to creature Bloodwarder Falconer in Tempest Keep: The Botanica.
  • Deleted wrong (deprecated) spawn of NPC 'Lady Liadrin' in Shattrath.
  • Allow gossip option for NPC Agnetta Tyrsdottar to show only if the quest 'Is That Your Goblin?' is taken but not complete.
  • 'Hyldsmeet Warbear' shouldn't have random movement.
  • Added an emote state and out of combat emote for NPC 'Brunnhildar Challenger'.
  • An NPC's dead body should fall to the ground if it's a non-flying and non-hovering creature that is not currently in water.
  • Out of combat event for NPCs 'Brother Keltan' and 'Absalan the Pious'.
  • Fixed "at war" flag for Frenzyheart/Oracle NPCs.
  • Made Razormaw visible from far away.
  • Made 'Seaforium Depth Charge' (involved in quest 'Bury Those Cockroaches!') not selectable (and not attackable/immune to player and NPC) and not knockbackable by the explosion spell.
  • Imprisoned Beryl Sorcerer should be invisible until the quest 'Abduction' is rewarded.
  • Archmage Evanor should be invisible until the quest 'Rescuing Evanor' is completed or rewarded.
  • Made trigger creature Ticking Bomb in Utgarde Keep not selectable.
  • Out of combat event for Zeh'gehn (and dance emote, too!).
  • Fixed target for spell 'Shadowfury' used by creature 'Eye of Taldaram' in Ahn'kahet: The Old Kingdom.
  • General improvements to NPC Nihil the Banished:
    • Timers.
    • Add creature texts.
    • Increase duration of NPC spawned by right-clicking the gameobject to 5 minutes.
    • Properly fly away before despawn.
  • Prevent pets from ignoring GameObject collisions when receiving the attack command:
    • Fixes an exploit where the last boss in Utgarde Pinnacle could be aggroed from the first room, among other similar things.
  • Improvements for NPC Fizzcrank Mechagnome:
    • Add missing on-aggro texts.
    • Fix spell cosmetic effects, timings and texts related to the quests 'Re-Cursive' and 'Souls of the Decursed'.
  • Improvements for NPC 'Victorious Challenger':
    • There shouldn't be delay between clicking gossip option and creature text.
    • Remove gossip npcflag when the gossip option is selected, and re-add it on reset.



  • Death Grip's minimum range only applies if both caster and target are players.
  • Spell Lurielle's Pendant should require target to be at 30% health or below.
  • Fixed target for Raise Dead spell used by Scourge Reanimator during the Drak'Tharon Keep intro event.
  • Allow spell Braziers Hit! (related to Midsummer quests Torch Tossing and More Torch Tossing) to stack in the same slot when cast by different casters.
  • Fixed target of spell Njord's Rune of Protection used by creature Dragonflayer Runecaster in Utgarde Keep.



  • Improvements for gossip texts in Odesyus' Landing.
  • Fixed gossip texts for NPC Sian'dur.
  • Fixed gossip text for NPC 'Pilot Vic'.
  • Small improvements to Guard Captain Cragtar's dialogue event.



  • Added an stun effect to Tree Disguise and make NPC Geezle not attackable by players.
  • Fixed spell effect for the quest item NeuralNeedler involved in the quest The Art of Persuasion and implement effect for the item Prototype Neural Needler.
  • Fixed conditions for quest 'Another Power Source?' and make it repeatable as it should be.
  • The breadcrumb quests 'The Ashenvale Hunt' shouldn't be available if the quest 'The Ashenvale Hunt' is rewarded.
  • Fixed faction for the "Pilgrim's Bounty" introductory quests.
  • Fixed availability of quest 'Avenge Me!' and don't make creatures 'Dying Berserker' and 'Dying Soldier' turn when the gossip option related to quests 'The Broken Front' is selected.
  • On-accept event for quest 'Avenge Me!'.
  • Added cosmetic flames on quest item use for Raze Direhorn Post!
  • Fixed requirements for quests 'Pushed Too Far', 'Loyal Companions' and 'Unwelcome Guests'.
  • Properly script event for the quest 'The Jig is Up', and lower maximum range for the Sheep's movement.
  • Cosmetic improvements to quest 'The Demoniac Scryer':
    • Properly summon creatures at random positions nearby the Scryer, and make them attack it after two seconds. Also they shouldn't give experience.
    • Apply stun aura to Scryer so it won't turn around when talked with or attacked.
    • Make creature 'Magic Sucker Device Buttress' not targetable.
    • Make the 'Fel Warden' spawn together with a 'Hellfire Wardling'.
  • Improvements to quest "Shoot 'Em Up":
    •  NPC 'Jotunheim Proto-Drake' shouldn't attack the player.
    •  Make riders of NPC 'Jotunheim Proto-Drake' die and despawn when the 'Jotunheim Proto-Drake' is killed.
    •  Add cooldown to spell 'Energy Reserve' used by the 'Jotunheim Rapid-FIre Harpoon'.
  • Improvements for Protecting Our Own:
    • Fix wrong double credit.
    • Add spell effects, summon NPC and despawn.
    • Add spell and random movement for NPC.



  • Added texts for Falcon Watch Ranger.
  • Fixed The Prophet Tharon'ja's usage of spells Decay Flesh and Restore Flesh, and improve timers.
  • Fixed King Dred emote and spell sequence. Also properly fix Raptor Call so that it calls a nearby raptor instead of spawning one from thin air.
  • Cosmetic fixes for the ghoul room and fix Trollgore's orientation and remove wrong random movement.
  • Fixed in-combat spells and retreat behaviour at low health for creature Darkweb Recluse.
  • Added Fishing Extravaganza zone-wide yells, allow main quest to be rewarded once per event, and fix Riggle Bassbait gossip texts.
  • Fixed conditions for items 'Draconic for Dummies (Chapter II)' and 'Draconic for Dummies (Chapter III)'.
  • Improvements to the Novos the Summoner encounter:
    • Add missing yell and emote on Crystal Handler spawn,
    • Fix spawn positions, wrong loot and on-death cosmetic effect for Crystal Handlers,
    • Prevent boss from turning around when casting Arcane Field,
    • Fix six-second delay from when the last Crystal Handler is killed to when the second phase (bubble down) begins,
    • Make boss not-selectable when in first phase,
    • Prevent Arcane Field from being interrupted too early by certain spells (Heroic Throw, Fireball) by delaying its cast by 100ms.



  • Added guids of missing NPCs to the Arena Season 8 event.
  • Midsummer related fixes:
    • Fixed quests Torch Catching and More Torch Catching.
    • Hackfixes for achievement Torch Juggler.
    • Remove Practice Torches and related aura when the related quest's objectives are completed.



  • Fixed DB error related to NPC 'Storm Giant' movements.



  • Account for leap years' extra February day for Brew of the Month events:
    • Events as a whole don't deal well with this stuff - DST should be disabled and start dates should be updated every year.
  • Increase maximum amount of skinning loot for items 'Borean Leather' and 'Borean Leather Scraps'.


As always, thank you for playing with us, and happy halloween!



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