20/10/18 Changelog

Back again with huge changelog list, more updates upcoming!


  •  Proenitus shouldn't have gossip npcflag - Fixed.
  •  Prevent gameobject 'Romantic Basket' from vanishing after a player clicks on it, and fix spell cast in that gameobject's script.
  •  Add spellcast and emote for Nerub'ar Web Lord.
  •  Troll Roof Stalker should be immune to Mind Control.
  •  Allow Hand of Reckoning to deal damage to fleeing targets.
  •  Demon Hunter Supplicant.
  •  Allow Fizzcrank Watcher Rupert Keeneye to execute waypoint movement without falling to the ground.
  •  Fixed Fizzcrank Paratrooper gossip text and options, Fixed teleporter to the nearby hill and fix gameobject spellfocus spawns for the parachute.
  •  Katrina Shimmerstar various implementations.
  •  Kodo Spirit cosmetic fixes.
  •  Fixed model for Crimson Courier.
  •  Add spells/abilities and aggro text for Stormscale Toxicologist.


  • Fix gossip text for NPC Dame Auriferous.
  • Fixed gossip flags and text for NPC Magister Sylastor.
  • Add OOC text for Brewmeister Bilger.
  • Add texts on summoned and on aggro for Cleansed Timberling.
  • Add aggro text for Crimson Courier.
  • Tajarri should show different gossip texts depending on whether the player is druid or not.
  • Prospector Whelgar should say some text when player collects the Flagongut's Fossil.
  • Foggy MacKreel should say some texts every few minutes.
  • Add some missing texts for Nancy Vishas.
  • Add OOC texts for Myra Tyrngaarde.
  • Add aggro texts for Ilkrud Magthrull.
  • Add OOC texts for Greishan Ironstove.
  • Add OOC texts for Farrin Daris.
  • Add texts on summoned and on aggro for Cleansed Timberling.


  • Fixed requirements for quest 'Volatile Mutations'.
  • Alliance quests 'Assault by Ground' and 'Assault by Air' require quest 'Joining the Assault' rewarded.
  • Fixed quest 'The Stones That Bind Us'.
  • Fixed event for quest 'Heroes of Darrowshire'.
  • Improvements for the quests 'That's Abominable!'.
  • Fixed money rewards for quests turned in at level cap.
  • Scale gold rewards for quests whose level is always the same as the player level (example: seasonal quests).
  • Fixed event for quest Orabus the Helmsman.
  • Increased range for escort quests.
  • Improvements for quest Get Me Outa Here! (11673).
  • Added missing texts for Escape from Umbrafen.
  • Small fixes to some Blood Elf starting zone quests.
  • Fixed whisper texts for quest Spiritual Insight.
  • Cosmetic fixes for quest Death's Challenge.
  • Cosmetic fixes for Urok Doomhowl.
  • Cosmetic fixes for Hallucination.
  • Remove a wrong script on Chilltusk Waypoint.
  • Complete outro event for quest "Load Lightening".


  • Don't skip resisted damage calculations for binary spells cast by creatures.
  • Implemented heartbeat resist mechanics.
  • fix spell Repo for NPC Stable Master Kitrik.
  • Hallowed Wand bat costume must be positive.
  • Hands of Reckoning should do damage for fleeing enemies.


  • Fix breadcrumb availabilty for some Alliance Warrior-only quests.



  • Properly remove Pet tab from spellbook when a temporary pet (Priest's Shadowfiend, Shaman's Feral Sprit) is unsummoned.
  • Fixed key requirement for 'Chapel Door', the door before the bosses in Scarlet Monastery (Cathedral).
  • Make guardians follow the player after exiting combat (Will fix some of the Death Knight quests, and other general quests).
  • Fixed targets of on-aggro creature texts that use SAI. This should fix cases where a NPC/guardian initiates aggro and the text action would try to use them as source unit.
  • Cosmetic fixes and out-of-combat event for Warsong Peon in Warsong Hold (Borean Tundra).
  • Fixed drop conditions for item 'Damp Note'.
  • Fixed drop conditions for item 'Drain Schematics'.
  • Fixed conditions for quest 'March of the Silithid'.
  • Fixed creature movement when used as vehicles in cases where random movement and formation movement took priority over player movement input.
  • Fixed SAI and add missing aura for creature Deep Crawler in instance Ahn'kahet: The Old Kingdom.
  • Improved timers for Sunseeker Astromage's Scorch spellcast.
  • Fixed usage of Execute for creature Cabal Executioner in instance Shadow Labyrinth.
  • Implemented Aura hook that's called when the aura updates. Allows to script events that happen at certain times of an aura's duration, without needing procs or periodic ticks.
  • Prevent Reanimated Crusader from spamming healing spells.
  • Properly remove gossip npcflag for NPC "Crowleg" Dan when the gossip option for the quest with the same name is selected.
  • Keep a creature active while it's executing an ActionList.
  • Apply correct use of CreateObject1/2:
    • Also include grace period for new spawns (no movement, AI or aggro will occur unless attacked during this time).
    • This allows some of the spawn anims to play before creatures start moving.
    • After grace time, creature update notify set (e.g. creature will aggro you even if standing still).
  • Don't allow dungeon bosses to be aggroed by calls for help from nearby NPCs.
  • Add SpellHit script hook for gameobject casters. In theory should help out with quests.
  • Don't teleport players to latest flight path at login.
  • Teleport players at destination on floor Z when the flight ends, instead of having them fall from the air.
  • remove Eye of Acherus control aura from player when the Eye of Acherus is dismissed.
  • Ignore spell range if cast by a gameobject.
  • Fix drop of item 'Belamoore's Research Journal'.
  • Fixed some of Aldor/Scryers quests availability.
  • Make Mine Cart despawn with the Scarlet Miner at the end of the path for quest Massacre at Light's Point.
  • Vehicle improvements.
  • Fixed some wrong spawns in Shattrath:
    • Remove outdated NPCs Investigator Asric and Peacekeeper Jadaar.
    • Move NPC Arcanist Savan to its proper position.
  • Magister's Terrace Improvements:
    • Don't respawn alive crystals when the first boss resets, properly root crystals, and only say empowered text when he finishes channeling a crystal.
    • Fix text sequence (emote first, say second) and remove leftover auras on players at boss death for second boss.
    • Third boss now properly says texts when appropriate and properly resets.
    • Despawn Arcane Sphere when the fourth boss dies, if any is still active.
    • Various fixes for trash: texts, proper CMC SAI, aura for Sunblade Magisters, model IDs, Brightscale Wyrm's spell animation and proper stackability (tricky because it should stack when cast by different casters), proper flight animation for Kalecgos.
  • Improvements for quest 'Taken by the Scourge':
    • Properly script guardians summoned after killing Nerub'ar Victim.
    • Add Nerub'ar Victim spawns to the "quest objectives" spawngroup.
  • Rewrite Mograine and Whitemane encounter in Scarlet Monastery (Cathedral):
    • Fixed aggro-nearby-allies pulse.
    • Fixed Inquisitor's Door handling.
    • Add three seconds delay from resurrection spell hit to actual resurrection.
    • Whitemane can cast Power Word: Shield on Mograine as well as on herself.
    • Fixed one of the creature texts.
    • Delay Whitemane's events a bit after she resurrects Mograine.


  • Don't delay the first MovePath waypoint by one second. Smoother quest starts.
  • Mob fanning implemented.
  • Allow mobs to back up a little when target is too close.

Thank you for playing with us! <3

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