15/10/18 Changelog

We'd like you to present a weekly changelog, lots of bug fixes!


  • Add The Night Watch missing creatures.
  • Add Black Bear creature.
  • Librarian Garren smart script updates.
  • Add some missing spawns and Night Watch Guard was removed as they must spawn only if horde lpayers attack some areas like Darkshire.
  • Namdo Bizzfizzle updates.
  • Mystlash Flayer spawn fixes.
  • Severed Druid spawn fixes.
  • Fel Steed and Shadow Charger general fixes.
  • Add formation for Fel Steed and Shadow Charger.
  • Gravelsnout Digger spawn fixes.
  • Scarlet Scryer spell casting fixes.
  • Withervine Bark Ripper smart script fixes and general spawn points updates.
  • Corrosive Swamp Ooze rework.
  • Add Geoff to Miss Danna formation.
  • Muckshell Snapclaw, Hammerhead Shark, Giant Surf Glider, Coral Shark, Raging Dune Smasher, Fizzlebang Booms, Portal Seeker and Kurmokk general fixes.
  • Maraudine Khan Guard and Maraudine Khan Advisorr smart script fixes.
  • Shade of Eranikus sleep state fixed.
  • Fallen Hero of the Hordespell, gossip, and other fixes.
  • Implemented spell school immunities for player summoned elementals (and Infernal).
  • Infernal Bodyguard smart script fixes.

Creature Gossips:

  • Add missing gossip options to Gymer.
  • Update and fix gossip for Jack Adams and Ipfelkofer Ironkeg.
  • Add missing menus for some creatures.
  • Add and fix some gossips.
  • Add some Gossip optionsfor Cult of Damned.
  • Fix and add some gossips Frost Leopard and Icepaw Bear.
  • Update more gossips for some quests.
  • Add more gossips for Aether-tech Apprentice, Treebole, Mosswood the Ancient and Human Refugees.
  • Add missing gossip menu to Human Refugee.
  • The last part of Franclorn Forgewright's dialogue is missing - fixed.


  • Fix quest ender for quest "Heroes of Old (Part 2)" (it should end with gameobject "Spectral Lockbox", not with NPC Corporal Thund Splithoof), and despawn timers for  Corporal Thund Splithoof.
  • Loramus Thalipedes should say some text when quest is taken - fixed.
  • Added outro event for quest "Pearl Diving".
  • Add emotes for Alliance and Horde quests in the Swamp of Sorrows and the Blasted Lands.



  • Add some spell target positionfor Keristrasza.
  • Life Tap fixes.



As always, thank you for staying with us!


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