02/10/2018 Changelog

02/10/2018 Changelog
Quest: What the Wind Carries fixed.
Quest: Eitrigg's Wisdom fixed.
Quest: Rescuing Evanor fixed.
Quest: Warlord's Command fixed.
Quest: Shadoweaver fixed.
Quest: Quest Emotes fixed for Hinterlands and Tanaris zones.
Quest: The Iron Colossus fixed.
Quest: Loyal Companions fixed.
Gossip: Vizzklick gossips fixed.
Gossip: Gryphon Master Talonaxe texts fixed.
Script: Stormcrest Eagle fixes.
Script: XT002 Ulduar Crash fix.
Objects: Add some missing Small Proto-Drake Eggs.
Creature: Fix stand state for Fjord Hawk.
Creature: Completely remodeled Sylvanas and Lady for FoS/PoS instance. Glyphs are finally available at Auction House. (Woohoo)
/join global # now brings both factions together into one channel.

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