29/09/2018 Changelog

Welcome commencer message is fixed, and  is more detailed.
Fixed requirements for Preying Upon the Weak quest.
Fixed Defending Wyrmrest Temple quest.

Added some missing spawns

Added a missing Barbershop Chair.

Patches for :
Glodrak Huntsniper,
Goldark Snipehunter,
Alenjon Sunblade,
Irissa Bloodstar,

Implemented Garr's Firesworn Separation Anxiety mechanics.
Transmogrification script has been added!
Points of Interest are added into guards for easy directions!
Transmogrification NPC's are available at : Dalaran, Stormwind, Orgrimmar.

Removed some duplicate spawns for quest The Cleansing: Frostblade Shrine

Additional misc: (Big thanks to Anya for scripts! )
Core: Make guardians follow after combat ( this should fix any issues with DK's quest, and other related quests where you get a guardian and it gets into the fight).
Multiple Achievement fixes.
Fixed wrong gossip text for warrior trainers.

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