21/09/2018 Changelog

Springing the trap should be fully operational, and is marked as fixed.
Rise, Obsidion! is fixed.
Zeth'Gor Must Burn! is fixed.
Wrong quest starter/ender for "The Pit of Saron" alliance side was fixed.

Archavon (VoA) no longer leaps in melee range.
Updated VoA script events.
Open General Drakkisath's gates once he is defeated.

Highlord Darion Mograine waypoint speed fixed.
Fix unit flag for Lich King and Sindragosa involved on Where Dragons Fell quest.
Fixed some spawns on top of Shadow Vault.
Warp Aberration is fixed.
Fixed some root problems for some npcs.

Icecrown citadel parent map fixed.
Zombie corpses are gone.
Movement and TaxiPath fixes were applied.

Bugtracker has been updated.
Vote panel is now available.
Forum is being implemented.
Account section has been fixed.

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