10/09/2018 Changelog

Core/Spells: Fixed Swarming Guardian (Auriaya) range
Core/Spells: Fixed Bloodsurge proc
DB/Quest: Confront Yeh'kinya
Core/ChatCommands: Implement achievement link parsing
Core/Threat: Suppressed threat is now re-evaluated on taunt state update, and taunting units can no longer be suppressed.
DB/GameObject: Fix some wrong spawns
DB/Quest: The Second Trial
DB/SAI/Conditions: Don't allow multiple spawns of Baron Aquanis by Fathom Stone
DB/SAI: Private Thorsen
DB/Quest: Fix RewardText for Frostmaw quest
DB/Gossip: Haughty Modiste
DB/Quest: Fix locale german text for The Stolen Journal quest
Core/Conditions: allow CONDITION_QUEST_COMPLETE to handle spellclick conditions

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